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Netflix adds more games

Netflix Adds More Games To Its Catalog

Netflix, one of the most popular streaming platforms in the world surely heading towards the demand of the young generation and introducing games on mobile. Netflix has already announced that…

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‘I Was Going Through Something’ Will Smith On Slapping Chris Rock At The Oscars

This year’s Oscar was the main center of controversy for various reasons, but what Will Smith did surely hands down became the shocking moment of the year and stunned everyone.…

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grand theft auto 25th anniversary

25 Years Of Heist! The Birth Of Grand Theft Auto

Among all the gaming franchises, Grant Theft Auto has always been the most popular and famous outlet in the gaming world. A lot of other franchises decided to create something…

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ARC Browser Replacement Of Chrome

Future Of The Internet! ARC Browser Replacement Of Chrome

Ever since Google Chrome arrived in the browsing world, none of the alternate browsing apps managed to dominate over Chrome and secure their place. Meet Arc, the new browser app…

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Elon Musk unbane celerbrity's twitter account

From Tate To Kanye! Elon Musk Unbans Celebrity’s Twitter Accounts

The day Elon Musk entered Twitter headquarters, he has shaken things up and changed the dynamic of Twitter. Employees have been laid off, top executives got fired and hundreds of…

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Donald Trump 2024 election

Donald Trump Announces To Run For US Presidential Election 2024

US political planet is going in another direction and grabbing everyone’s sleek attention towards their action. Currently, former US President Donald Trump maintains his presence prominent in various states of…

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Chris Rock Netflix

Chris Rock To Make History With Netflix & Become First Comedian To Perform Live For The Platform

Netflix is considered one of the biggest entertainment platforms where you get the chance to watch millions of TV Shows and enjoy the evening. Tons of TV shows made history…

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Zayn Malik Letter To UK Prime Minister

Children Are Suffering! Zayn Malik Writes A Letter To UK Prime Minister Over Free School Meals

Very few celebrities believe in human charity and legit raise their voice for the cause. Zayn Malik surely is one of them and publicly shares her views on poor children…

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Gigi Hadid quits Twitter

‘I Deactivated My Twitter Account’ Gigi Hadid Quits Twitter

Looks like everyone’s deleting Twitter from their smartphone ever since Elon Musk stepped in and took the charge. His very step into the building created chaos, as he laid off…

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