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OpenAI Officially Announces Chat GPT Successor

Microsoft’s OpenAI officially reveals the Chat GPT successor with ‘human-level’ performance. Ever since the Chat GPT was released, it’s been on fire and replacing various human resources with its smartness.…

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Google Pixel 7a Leaked Before The Announcement

Google Pixel 7a has not been announced yet, but the whole phone leaked along with the specs and design. It’s not the first time that Google is facing such a…

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microsoft and nintendo call of duty

Call Of Duty Access! Microsoft Signs 10-Year Deal With Nintendo

Microsoft and Nintendo signed a 10-year deal along with the Call of Duty access to Nintendo. Microsoft president Brad Smith announced that the company has signed a 10-year deal to…

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Chinese Spy Balloon

Chinese Spy Balloon Suspected By The Pentagon To Be Above The US

The Pentagon said on Thursday that it was monitoring a Chinese spy balloon that was flying across the US. Spy balloons have been used for decades and, according to experts,…

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Samsung CES 2023

Samsung Shares Vision To Bring Calm To The Connected Device Experience At CES® 2023

Samsung outlines strategy and commitment to deliver on the promise of the connected experience and contribute to a more sustainable future. Samsung Electronics today shared its vision for a calmer…

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Netflix adds more games

Netflix Adds More Games To Its Catalog

Netflix, one of the most popular streaming platforms in the world surely heading towards the demand of the young generation and introducing games on mobile. Netflix has already announced that…

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ARC Browser Replacement Of Chrome

Future Of The Internet! ARC Browser Replacement Of Chrome

Ever since Google Chrome arrived in the browsing world, none of the alternate browsing apps managed to dominate over Chrome and secure their place. Meet Arc, the new browser app…

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Elon Musk unbane celerbrity's twitter account

From Tate To Kanye! Elon Musk Unbans Celebrity’s Twitter Accounts

The day Elon Musk entered Twitter headquarters, he has shaken things up and changed the dynamic of Twitter. Employees have been laid off, top executives got fired and hundreds of…

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