Ali Baba Unveils Chat GPT Rival


Ali Baba Unveils Chat GPT Rival Tongyi Qianwen


Another rival is on its way, Ali Baba unveils Chat GPT heading out with the features and ready to compete with the one dominating.

No doubt, ever since Microsoft revealed Chat GPT everyone has utilized it and no one’s taken their hands off it.

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Chat GPT has almost attracted everyone and businesses are also adapting it in their venture.

Looking at the demand for AI chatbots, Ali Baba one of the most popular online stores has decided to roll out chat get.

Shortly, Ali Baba’s computing unit shared it will integrate the chatbot across Alibaba’s businesses but didn’t give the actual timeline.

Ali Baba Unveils Chat GPT – Tongyi Qianwen

In recent months, several tech giants have unveiled their own so-called generative AI chatbots. Earlier this year, Ali Baba revealed that they have been working on a Chat GPT rival.

Tongyi Qianwen roughly translates as “seeking an answer by asking a thousand questions”, although Alibaba has not given an English version of the name.

“We are at a technological watershed moment driven by generative AI and cloud computing,” Alibaba’s chairman and chief executive Daniel Zhang said as Tongyi Qianwen was launched.

Source: CNBC

The company further said that Tongyi Qianwen, which is capable of working in English as well as Chinese, will initially be added to DingTalk, Alibaba’s workplace messaging app.

The company shared the tasks Tongyi will perform, turning conversations in meetings into written notes, writing emails, and drafting business proposals.

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Alibaba said it will also be integrated into Tmall Genie, which is similar to Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant smart speaker.

Microsoft upgraded its level and introduced Chat GPT 4 and it’s more advance than before.

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