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The biggest alligator ever caught in Mississippi is now in Mississippi. "Things that give nightmares"

The biggest alligator ever caught in Mississippi is now in Mississippi. “Things that give nightmares”

A beast that was discovered in Mississippi broke the record for the longest alligator that has ever been discovered in the state. It gave off huge "Jurassic Park" vibes as…

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A strange naked "wolf man" was seen in the German mountains

A strange naked “wolf man” was seen in the German mountains

Photos captured in a German forest that appear to show an untidy guy wielding a "spear" have fueled rumors that the "wolf man" that is said to prowl the forests…

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Trigger Warning: A 14-Year-Old School Boy Shot Dead Eight Children In Serbia School, Belgrade

In Serbia, a 14-year-old schoolboy shot dead eight children and a security guard at a school. He even planned a list of students he wanted to kill and police recovered…

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Donald Trump Charged

Ex-President Donald Trump Charged Over Hush Money Payment To Adult Film Star

Ex-President of the United States of America Donald Trump charged by the Manhattan grand jury after the hush money payment to porn star Stormy Daniels. With this charge, Donald Trump…

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Is It UFO Or Some Object? US Shoot Down Mysterious ObjecT Near Canada Border

For the past few hours, Canadian investigators have been animated when the news broke out regarding the mysterious object shot down by the US shoot down at Yukon territory, Prime…

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Chinese Spy Balloon

Chinese Spy Balloon Suspected By The Pentagon To Be Above The US

The Pentagon said on Thursday that it was monitoring a Chinese spy balloon that was flying across the US. Spy balloons have been used for decades and, according to experts,…

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Nine Palestinians Were Killed During An Israeli Raid In Jenin

According to Palestinian medical sources, nine Palestinians were murdered during an Israeli raid in jenin, the occupied West Bank, the worst in years. In the hotspot town of Jenin, an…

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Seven People Killed In California Mass Shooting In Half Moon Bay

California is reeling from its third mass shooting in eight days, with a man killing seven former coworkers south of San Francisco. The attacks occurred in the coastal town of…

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Rishi Sunak Fined

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak Fined For Not Using A Seat belt

For failing to buckle up while driving, UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak fined by the police. UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak Fined Lancashire Constabulary made Sunak, who was recording a…

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Kim Kardashian Buys

Kim Kardashian Buys The Princess Diana Pendant

LONDON: According to auction house Sotheby's, American reality television star and social media queen Kim Kardashian buys acquired the Attallah Cross, the iconic amethyst and diamond necklace Princess Diana wore…

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Lucile Randon Passed Away

World’s Oldest Person, Lucile Randon Passed Away At Age 118

According to a spokeswoman, the world's oldest known person, French nun Lucile Randon, passed at the age of 118. Randon, also known as Sister Andrée, was born in southern France on…

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Donald Trump 2024 election

Donald Trump Announces To Run For US Presidential Election 2024

US political planet is going in another direction and grabbing everyone’s sleek attention towards their action. Currently, former US President Donald Trump maintains his presence prominent in various states of…

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Gigi Hadid quits Twitter

‘I Deactivated My Twitter Account’ Gigi Hadid Quits Twitter

Looks like everyone’s deleting Twitter from their smartphone ever since Elon Musk stepped in and took the charge. His very step into the building created chaos, as he laid off…

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