Kanye West Australian Visa Could Denied Says, Minister


Kanye West Australian Visa

Kanye West Australian Visa Could Denied Says, Minister


Ye, the famous musician formerly known as Kanye West australian visa may not be granted because of comments he made that were anti-Semitic, according to a minister.

Kanye West Australian Visa

The news that the American celebrity planned to visit the Melbourne family of his new Australian partner Bianca Censori next week prompted a statement from Australia’s Minister of Education, Jason Clare, on Wednesday.

Clare said he was unaware of Ye’s visa application but noted that anti-Semitic individuals have previously been denied access to Australia.

Clare said on the Today show on Australia’s Nine Network, “I don’t know if he’s applied for a visa yet, but google it and you’ll see that it appears like he’s a fairly huge supporter of a person who killed six million Jewish people last century.”

“People like that have had their visa applications to enter Australia refused in the past. I anticipate that he would have to go through the same process and provide the same answers if he applied.

An inquiry for comment was not immediately answered by a Ye representative. He also complained about banned his twitter account but later elon musk unbans celebrities account including Ye.

According to Seven Network News, Ye and Censori plan to go see Ye’s relatives in the Ivanhoe neighbourhood of northeast Melbourne the following week.

In an interview with conspiracy theorist Alex Jones last month, Ye praised Hitler. Ye was suspended by Twitter after he tweeted a picture of a Star of David and a Swastika together. Due to his remarks, Ye has also lost significant corporate partners like Adidas.

The Migration Act of Australia establishes security and moral standards for visitors. Immigration Minister Andrew Giles will decide whether Ye is granted an Australian visa; however, according to his office, he is unable to comment on specific instances owing to privacy concerns.

Far-right figures have already had their visas denied or cancelled by Australia because they didn’t pass the “good character” requirement. 2019 saw the visa revocation of British conspiracy theorist David Icke, just as he was about to embark on a speaking tour.

After a public campaign that included an 81,000-signature petition, local media reported that Gavin McInnes, the founder of the Proud Boys, a male-only organisation that identifies as “Western Chauvinists,” was denied a visa in 2018.

Peter Dutton, the leader of Australia’s opposition, stated that he would be likely to exclude Ye on the basis of character if he were in office.

Dutton stated on Tuesday on Melbourne’s Radio 3AW, “My instinct would be not to let him in.”

He is not a person of good character, according to Dutton, who called his conduct and behaviour “appalling.”

David Coleman of the Liberal Party stated on Wednesday that the choice to refuse Ye a visa should be “simple.”

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