Viral daughter's Tik Tok Makes Father's Stone Maidens Best Seller


Stone Maidens Best Seller

Viral daughter’s Tik Tok Makes Father’s Stone Maidens Best Seller


If you want to be famous, then start making yourself viral on social media just like this daughter did for her father and changed his life overnight by becoming the Stone maidens best seller on amazon,

The video is just 16 seconds long, but for Lloyd Devereux Richards it became a life-changing second that he cannot forget in his lifetime.

Viral daughter's Tik Tok Makes Father's Stone Maidens Best Seller
Source: Seven Days

After 11 years with almost no sales at all, a father from Vermont is now a bestselling author, and all thanks to a viral TikTok video of himself that his daughter spread out on the internet.

Stone Maidens Best Seller

In this 16 seconds video, you can see a Vermont author’s modest writing habits, complete with sneakers and suspenders.

She didn’t even think that it would become a turning point for her father and it’s been viewed 42 million times and counting.

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The sale of the Stone Maidens skyrocketed, a book which was not having a single amount of sale for the past few years and today it’s the #1  -selling thriller — the number-one selling book on all of Amazon.

“I’m just bowled over by it. I’m overwhelmed. I wasn’t expecting anything like this,” Lloyd Devereux Richards said, speaking with Vermont Edition host Connor Cyrus about his sudden viral fame this week.

A Lot Of Suffering, Lloyd Devereux Richards

Richards further said, “There’s a lot of suffering” in writing, Richards told Vermont Edition. “On the other hand, if it’s a passion like it is with me, you don’t give up, you keep at it. And you just have to believe in yourself and try harder and work on it more.”

stone maidens book
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 Marguerite Richards had seen her father for the past 14 years laboring and wasn’t going anywhere. “It broke my heart a little,” she told Vermont Edition. She decided to post on TikTok, thinking that highlighting her dad’s perseverance would convince a few people to read “Stone Maidens.”

The video reached 42 million views and counting. People ordered the book from all over the world, sending it to the No. 1 spot on Amazon.

stone maidens best seller
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It can be said that a new TikTok legend is born in the world because it’s a miraculous move by his daughter.

Writers have value in this world, such as George R.R Martin who also wrote the story of Elden Ring and became popular for Game of Thrones.

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