US Shoot Down "Octagonal" Flying Object Near Canada


Is It UFO Or Some Object? US Shoot Down Mysterious ObjecT Near Canada Border


For the past few hours, Canadian investigators have been animated when the news broke out regarding the mysterious object shot down by the US shoot down at Yukon territory, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Sunday.

US shoot down
Source: CTV News

At first, it was all over the place that the U.S. had shot down the UFO and soon the news spread all over social media government took it down from every platform.

Even the actual video circulating on Twitter and other forums has been taken down as the higher authority couldn’t approve of the news.

US Shoot Down Mysterious Object Near Canada Border                                                                     

After the news broke, U.S. Senate’s top lawmaker said that it – and another flying object shot down off the coast of Alaska – both appeared to balloon.

“Recovery teams are on the ground, looking to find and analyze the object,” Trudeau told reporters. He gave no hint as to what it was but said it “represented a reasonable threat to the security of civilian flight.”

US shoot down
Source: New York Times

“The security of citizens is our top priority and that’s why I made the decision to have that unidentified object shot down,” he said.

As per VanHerck, “I’m not going to categorize them as balloons,” VanHerck said. “We’re calling them objects for a reason. I’m not able to categorize how they stay aloft.”

US shoot down
Source: CTV News

None of the flying objects have posed a threat to anything on the ground, VanHerck said, but they have been assessed to be safety hazards to civilian air traffic and potential surveillance threats.

Last week, US higher authorities such as the Pentagon spotted a Chinese spy balloon above the US and it went viral.

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