YouTuber King MrBeast Helps 1000 Blind People See Again


MrBeast helps

MrBeast Helps 1,000 Blind People See Again Via Sponsoring Cataract Surgeries


Famous and highest-paid YouTuber MrBeast is creating the world clearer and for that his new stunt going viral all over social media. What is he doing? Mrbeast helps for cataract removal for 1,000 people who were blind or near-blind but could not afford the surgery.

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That’s what MrBeast is up to and it’s truly mind-blowing in every way. MrBeast has been one of the few content creators who desire to help people and make their lives better with his insane attention-grabbing stunts.

MrBeast Helping 1,000 Blind People See Again

MrBeast’s huge effort has helped 1,000 people see the world more clearly. MrBeast is known for giving away massive money to people through various stunts and currently leading the chart of the top 10 highest-paid YouTubers.

“We’re curing a thousand people’s blindness,” says MrBeast. The video featured before and after footage of people seeing clear after successful surgery. It wasn’t enough for MrBeast, he even gave cash donations to all the participants.

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Jeff Levenson, an ophthalmologist, and surgeon worked with Donaldson to perform the first round of surgeries in Jacksonville, Florida.

Jeff was the man behind the successful surgeries of 1,000 people and made them see this beautiful world.

Jeff Levenson & MrBeast Collaborated

“In the days and weeks after my cataract surgery, I was stunned by how bright and beautiful and vivid the world was,” he said.

“But I was shocked by the idea that there are hundreds of millions, probably 200 million people around the world, who are blind or nearly blind from cataracts and who don’t have access to the surgery.”

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Levenson got a call from a member of Donaldson’s team in September. “I had never heard of MrBeast,” he said. “So I almost hung up. But I gratefully did not hang up.”

He concluded, “If MrBeast can light a fire, and if we can get governmental and private support behind it, we can end half of all the blindness in the world,” he said.

“Without all that much cost, and with incredible gains in human productivity and human potential.”

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