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Rupert Murdoch Announces His Engagement

Media Mogul Rupert Murdoch Announces His Engagement To Lasley Smith

Billionaire media mogul Rupert Murdoch is ready to walk down the path of marriage for the fifth time at the age of 92. 92-year-old business tycoon Rupert Murdoch announced the…

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OpenAI Officially Announces Chat GPT Successor

Microsoft’s OpenAI officially reveals the Chat GPT successor with ‘human-level’ performance. Ever since the Chat GPT was released, it’s been on fire and replacing various human resources with its smartness.…

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Google Pixel 7a Leaked Before The Announcement

Google Pixel 7a has not been announced yet, but the whole phone leaked along with the specs and design. It’s not the first time that Google is facing such a…

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Manchester United won Carabao Cup

Glory Man United! Manchester United Won Carabao Cup Final

After six years, Manchester United has given their fans a moment to sing the anthem with much more pride than ever, as Manchester United won the Carabao Cup and started…

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microsoft and nintendo call of duty

Call Of Duty Access! Microsoft Signs 10-Year Deal With Nintendo

Microsoft and Nintendo signed a 10-year deal along with the Call of Duty access to Nintendo. Microsoft president Brad Smith announced that the company has signed a 10-year deal to…

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BAFTA 2023 Award Winners

German Classic Bags Big Prize, BAFTA 2023 Award Winners

British Academy Film Awards (BAFTA) was dominated by the German classic remake of the anti-war classic All Quiet on the Western Front by grabbing the big BAFTA 2023 award winners…

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Manchester United Vs Barcelona

Football Heritage! Manchester United Clashed Barcelona In Europa League

The world football heritage witnessed last night, manchester united vs barcelona at Camp Nou and no one expected an energetic match ever. Both the teams played well and entertained the…

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Stone Maidens Best Seller

Viral daughter’s Tik Tok Makes Father’s Stone Maidens Best Seller

If you want to be famous, then start making yourself viral on social media just like this daughter did for her father and changed his life overnight by becoming the…

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Spider Man Returning

Spider Man Returning In A Marvel, Head Kevin Feige Confirms

For all the marvel fans, Spiderman is returning to MCU once again after a long vacation and it’s been confirmed by Kevin Feige. At the point where Spiderman No Way…

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Is It UFO Or Some Object? US Shoot Down Mysterious ObjecT Near Canada Border

For the past few hours, Canadian investigators have been animated when the news broke out regarding the mysterious object shot down by the US shoot down at Yukon territory, Prime…

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Performance With A Pregnancy Bump, Rihanna’s NFL Super Bowl Halftime Show

Rihanna Pregnancy Super Bowl News: If there’s one celebrity trending on Twitter right now, it’s none other than Rihanna and she’s ahead of her much-anticipated Super Bowl LVII halftime show,…

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LeBron James Breaks NBA's All-Time Leading Scoring Record

Real King James! LeBron James Breaks NBA’s All-Time Leading Scoring Record

LeBron James has become the NBA's all-time leading scorer, passing legendary Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's 39-year-old record. The 39-year-old record has been broken by King James, who was a few points behind…

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Beyonce Grammy Records

Beyonce Grammy Records Hit Another Winning For Most Wins & Complete Winners List

Beyonce grammy records hits with the most wins by an artist in history. Yes! Last night the mega-musical award. event was held where glamour, rhythm, and smoothness existed. On one…

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Chinese Spy Balloon

Chinese Spy Balloon Suspected By The Pentagon To Be Above The US

The Pentagon said on Thursday that it was monitoring a Chinese spy balloon that was flying across the US. Spy balloons have been used for decades and, according to experts,…

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EFL Cup Final 2023

Manchester United Will Face Newcastle United In The EFL Cup Final 2023

After long 5 years, Manchester United reached the final stage of the Carabao Cup and is set to face Newcastle United in EFL cup 2023. Last night, Manchester United faced…

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James Gunn DC Studio

Unveiled! James Gunn DC Studio’s Roadmap For The Future

DC Universe is entering a new direction under the leadership of James Gunn. Ever since he joined the DC, he’s been modifying various important elements in the universe and creating…

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MrBeast helps

MrBeast Helps 1,000 Blind People See Again Via Sponsoring Cataract Surgeries

Famous and highest-paid YouTuber MrBeast is creating the world clearer and for that his new stunt going viral all over social media. What is he doing? Mrbeast helps for cataract…

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Nine Palestinians Were Killed During An Israeli Raid In Jenin

According to Palestinian medical sources, nine Palestinians were murdered during an Israeli raid in jenin, the occupied West Bank, the worst in years. In the hotspot town of Jenin, an…

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Kanye West Australian Visa

Kanye West Australian Visa Could Denied Says, Minister

Ye, the famous musician formerly known as Kanye West australian visa may not be granted because of comments he made that were anti-Semitic, according to a minister. Kanye West Australian…

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Seven People Killed In California Mass Shooting In Half Moon Bay

California is reeling from its third mass shooting in eight days, with a man killing seven former coworkers south of San Francisco. The attacks occurred in the coastal town of…

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Rishi Sunak Fined

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak Fined For Not Using A Seat belt

For failing to buckle up while driving, UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak fined by the police. UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak Fined Lancashire Constabulary made Sunak, who was recording a…

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Kim Kardashian Buys

Kim Kardashian Buys The Princess Diana Pendant

LONDON: According to auction house Sotheby's, American reality television star and social media queen Kim Kardashian buys acquired the Attallah Cross, the iconic amethyst and diamond necklace Princess Diana wore…

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Lucile Randon Passed Away

World’s Oldest Person, Lucile Randon Passed Away At Age 118

According to a spokeswoman, the world's oldest known person, French nun Lucile Randon, passed at the age of 118. Randon, also known as Sister Andrée, was born in southern France on…

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Selena Gomez Dating

According To Reports, Selena Gomez Dating The Chainsmoker’s Drew Taggart

The Chainsmokers member Drew Taggarat and Selena Gomez dating together. The western media has only recently become aware of them. Selena Gomez Dating Drew Taggart They aren't attempting to conceal…

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Kanye West Married Yeezy Architect In A Secret Ceremony, As Per Source

Congratulations to the new couple ! Kanye West married the Yeezy architect in a private ceremony. As per source Kanye West Married Yeezy Architect According to the journal, sources close…

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Samsung CES 2023

Samsung Shares Vision To Bring Calm To The Connected Device Experience At CES® 2023

Samsung outlines strategy and commitment to deliver on the promise of the connected experience and contribute to a more sustainable future. Samsung Electronics today shared its vision for a calmer…

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Netflix adds more games

Netflix Adds More Games To Its Catalog

Netflix, one of the most popular streaming platforms in the world surely heading towards the demand of the young generation and introducing games on mobile. Netflix has already announced that…

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‘I Was Going Through Something’ Will Smith On Slapping Chris Rock At The Oscars

This year’s Oscar was the main center of controversy for various reasons, but what Will Smith did surely hands down became the shocking moment of the year and stunned everyone.…

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grand theft auto 25th anniversary

25 Years Of Heist! The Birth Of Grand Theft Auto

Among all the gaming franchises, Grant Theft Auto has always been the most popular and famous outlet in the gaming world. A lot of other franchises decided to create something…

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ARC Browser Replacement Of Chrome

Future Of The Internet! ARC Browser Replacement Of Chrome

Ever since Google Chrome arrived in the browsing world, none of the alternate browsing apps managed to dominate over Chrome and secure their place. Meet Arc, the new browser app…

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Elon Musk unbane celerbrity's twitter account

From Tate To Kanye! Elon Musk Unbans Celebrity’s Twitter Accounts

The day Elon Musk entered Twitter headquarters, he has shaken things up and changed the dynamic of Twitter. Employees have been laid off, top executives got fired and hundreds of…

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Donald Trump 2024 election

Donald Trump Announces To Run For US Presidential Election 2024

US political planet is going in another direction and grabbing everyone’s sleek attention towards their action. Currently, former US President Donald Trump maintains his presence prominent in various states of…

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Chris Rock Netflix

Chris Rock To Make History With Netflix & Become First Comedian To Perform Live For The Platform

Netflix is considered one of the biggest entertainment platforms where you get the chance to watch millions of TV Shows and enjoy the evening. Tons of TV shows made history…

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Zayn Malik Letter To UK Prime Minister

Children Are Suffering! Zayn Malik Writes A Letter To UK Prime Minister Over Free School Meals

Very few celebrities believe in human charity and legit raise their voice for the cause. Zayn Malik surely is one of them and publicly shares her views on poor children…

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Gigi Hadid quits Twitter

‘I Deactivated My Twitter Account’ Gigi Hadid Quits Twitter

Looks like everyone’s deleting Twitter from their smartphone ever since Elon Musk stepped in and took the charge. His very step into the building created chaos, as he laid off…

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The 3 Best Women To Marry (According To Zodiac Signs): Everyone Kneels In Front Of The Third!

Firstly, this does not mean the others will stay single forever. Zodiacs have been an important part of human being’s society for ages. While some may be skeptical, there is…

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Scientist Photographs A Man The Moment He Dies: What He Captured Will Leave You Shocked!

So, for centuries, we have questioned, asking ourselves and everyone whether the soul exists or not. Despite the ancient myths, stories and beliefs of humans today – we have finally…

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27+ Pictures That Show Just How Crazy Disco Really Was Back in The 70s!


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People Are Capable Of Super Human Abilities Using These Ancient Techniques!

“Why should a living being not be able to obtain all the energy it needs for the performance of its life functions from the environment, instead of through consumption of…

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