Recently! Elon Musk Unbans Celebrity's Twitter Accounts


Elon Musk unbane celerbrity's twitter account

From Tate To Kanye! Elon Musk Unbans Celebrity’s Twitter Accounts


The day Elon Musk entered Twitter headquarters, he has shaken things up and changed the dynamic of Twitter.

Employees have been laid off, top executives got fired and hundreds of staff members exited Twitter due to Elon Musk’s irrelevant demand.

Source: Politico

This wasn’t enough for Elon Musk, so he decided to unban various celebrity’s Twitter accounts and allowed them to reenjoy his Twitter Dynasty.

With his recent unbanning celebrity move undoubtedly grabbed everyone’s attention and he even held a poll to unban former US President Donald Trump.

Elon Musk Unbans Famous Celebrities

Last month Elon Musk closed the Twitter deal and became the new owner. Since then he’s been in the limelight for his every move towards the damage or improvement of the company.

Apart from his previous actions, he currently managed to unban some of the controversial celebrities who were banned for a long time.

Source: Dexerto

Especially Andrew Tate who recently became Muslim and was banned from every social media platform for the past 5 years.

Tate appeared to celebrate his comeback with a post that read, “Mastery is a funny thing. It’s almost as if, on a long enough time scale, losing simply isn’t an option.”

Donald Trump Is Back!

Elon Musk put up a poll on Twitter where he asked people whether Donald Trump’s account should be resonated or not. In the 24-hour poll, on the social media platform, which more than 134 million people saw, Trump will seemingly get his Twitter back.

Source: TechJuice

Over 15 million Twitter users participated in the poll, which went Trump’s way by a slight margin, winning with 51.8% of the vote.

“The people have spoken. Trump will be reinstated,” Musk tweeted.

Despite being unbanned, Donald Trump claimed that he doesn’t want to return to social media platforms in a video at the Republican Jewish Coalition’s annual leadership meeting.

A few days ago, he even stated that he will be running for the 2024 Presidential Election from the Republican Party.

Kanye aka YE Returns

Kanye West was banned from Twitter for six months over the controversial tweet and with that Adidas even cut ties with him which also cost him the Billionaire people’s position as well.

Source: Nalja

Kanye West has returned to Twitter with the Hebrew word “shalom” after his account was previously blocked for antisemitic posts.

He tweeted: “Testing Testing Seeing if my Twitter is unblocked” – with new Twitter owner Elon Musk replied: “Don’t kill what ye hate. Save what ye love”.

There might be more celebs who get the unban tag in a few days and begin roaming the streets of Elon Musk’s Twitter street.

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