World’s Oldest Person, Lucile Randon Passed Away At Age 118


Lucile Randon Passed Away

World’s Oldest Person, Lucile Randon Passed Away At Age 118


According to a spokeswoman, the world’s oldest known person, French nun Lucile Randon, passed at the age of 118.

Randon, also known as Sister Andrée, was born in southern France on 11 February 1904, a decade before the First World War.

Lucile Randon Passed Away

She died in her sleep in her care home in Toulon, according to spokesman David Tavella.

“There is immense grief, but… it was her choice to be with her loving brother. “It’s a liberty for her,” Tavella of the Sainte-Catherine-Labouré nursing home told AFP.

The sister was long regarded as the oldest European, but the death of Japan’s Kane Tanaka at the age of 119 last year made her the world’s oldest person.

Randon was born in the year that New York City got its first subway and the Tour de France was only held once.

She worked as a governor and instructor before entering a convent at the age of 40 in 1944. She had been in nursing homes since 1979, and she had been in the Toulon home since 2009.

She survived a Covid-19 outbreak in 2021 when the virus spread through the nursing home where she lived, killing ten other patients.

“I didn’t even realise I had it,” she told the Var-Matin daily at the time.

Tavella informed the newspaper that the nun was unconcerned about the infection.

“She asked me about her regimen rather than her health. She wanted to know, for example, if the dinner and bedtime schedules would alter. “She exhibited no fear of the sickness and was more concerned about the other people,” Tavella added.

When asked if she was afraid of having Covid, the nun told France’s BFM television, “No, I wasn’t afraid because I wasn’t afraid to die… I’m glad to be with you, but I’d rather be somewhere else, with my older brother, grandfather, and grandma.”

Randon informed French radio in 2020 that she had no clue how she had lasted so long. “I’m not sure what the secret is. “Only God knows the solution,” she replied. “I’ve experienced enough of misery in my life, and as a youngster during the 1914-1918 war, I suffered like everyone else.”

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