Netflix Adds More Games To Its Catalog


Netflix adds more games

Netflix Adds More Games To Its Catalog


Netflix, one of the most popular streaming platforms in the world surely heading towards the demand of the young generation and introducing games on mobile.

Netflix has already announced that they are keen to expand its portfolio on its mobile app for Android and iOS.

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The mobile games catalog comes included with a Netflix membership without ads or in-app purchases.

Netflix Added Seven Games

Last year, Netflix announced offering video games on streaming platforms and it grabbed every gamer’s attention.

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After a long gap, Netflix introduced seven new games including “Three Kingdoms” from Devolver Digital, “Cats & Soup” from Neowiz, and “Hello Kitty Happiness Parade” from Rogue Games.

The best part, users can access the games without advertisements or in-app purchases.

Netflix adds more Game To Check Out

“Three Kingdoms”, it’s all about political and military conflict near the conclusion of the Han period in China. Players need to take some crucial decisions and partner up with the right army at an appropriate time.

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Another game “Skies of Chaos” is a fresh spin on the traditional airplane shooter genre with vibrant characters and aesthetics.

Netflix undoubtedly following Amazon Prime’s path, who’s already in the gaming world and offering varieties of video games.

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