The Birth Of GTA, Grand Theft Auto 25th Anniversary


grand theft auto 25th anniversary

25 Years Of Heist! The Birth Of Grand Theft Auto


Among all the gaming franchises, Grant Theft Auto has always been the most popular and famous outlet in the gaming world.

A lot of other franchises decided to create something like GTA, but couldn’t deliver what Rockstar has done with this amazing franchise.

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It’s been 25 years since Grand Theft Auto when the first GTA game was launched and made billions of dollars for its American owner Take-Two Interactive.

GTA makers also had some serious problems while developing the masterpieces in the early stage, as per the markers they struggled with creative and technical problems during its development in the 1990s.

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Colin Macdonald, who joined DMA a few months before the launch of the action-adventure video game in 1997 shares his wholesome experience in making the most selling games worldwide.

Grand Theft Auto 25th Anniversary

Colin Macdonald explains: “In mid-development, there was an informal staff survey on which of the seven titles they were working on would be the most successful and least successful.

“The one voted most likely not to succeed was Grand Theft Auto.

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“That’s because, mid-development, the direction of the game wasn’t clear. It was also quite buggy – you couldn’t play it for more than a couple of minutes without it crashing, so certainly at the grassroots level, there wasn’t a lot of confidence in it.”

Colin further shared, “GTA went through a lot of different iterations and was quite a troubled development, and wasn’t regarded well for most of the time it was in production.

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“By the time I joined it was pretty much done and the team was quite happy because they had kind of got shot of it.

“They were looking forward to sitting back, planning a sequel properly, redoing the things that they weren’t happy with, and just looking forward to getting stuck into iterating on it and seeing where else they could take it.

‘We Had Something Special’ Colin

GTA undoubtedly grabbed a wide audience since the day it got released, from Vice City to San Andreas and then GTA leveled up with GTA V that’s till now the best GTA game ever out there.

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In February, Rockstar Games said for the first time that Grand Theft Auto 6 was “in active development”, although no further details were given.

Colin believed in GTA, “We wanted to make it feel a little bit more futuristic. That gave us more creative license with the vehicles, with the weapons, with the types of environments you would see.

“In hindsight, that probably hasn’t resonated with audiences as well as the contemporary vehicles and cities. Most of the Grand Theft Auto games have gone back to being set more or less in the present day.”

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“We knew we had something special – the fact that the team was playing it in their own time is a really strong indicator of that – but there are countless games that come out every year that are creatively and technically brilliant but just don’t sell particularly well, for whatever reason.

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“Most people don’t hear about them – they are not quite capturing the zeitgeist of the moment – and Grand Theft Auto could easily have been another one of those.

“It’s been quite a surprise to see it still do so well a quarter of a century later.”

Things went out of hand when GTA 6 footage and videos leaked on the internet. GTA has become part of every gamer’s life and now everyone’s waiting desperately for the sixth installment.

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