Chinese Company Xpeng Is Selling Tesla FSDs Abroad.
Chinese Company Xpeng Is Selling Tesla FSDs Abroad.

China’s Xpeng Is Bringing The Tesla FSD To Owners Outside Of China


A Chinese company called Xpeng is competing with Tesla. It wants to sell its cars all over the world and hopes to use its smart driving software as a selling point.

At an event this week, the electric vehicle startup from Guangzhou said that it will begin working on its highway-specific Navigation Guided Pilot (NGP) for users around the world in 2024. In the same year, it will start working on the foreign version of its next-generation, all-purpose XNGP feature.

Ai Wei, founder and CEO of Xpeng, said at the event, “We look forward to letting overseas users access Xpeng’s autonomous driving that is already available in China.”

The NGP and its more powerful version, the XNGP, are like Tesla’s Full-Self drive (FSD) semi-autonomous drive system. Specifically, XNGP is Xpeng’s marketing name for all of its advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) features, such as self-parking and driving on the highway or in cities.

XNGP used to use high-definition maps to help vehicles find their way, but they recently got rid of this pre-compiled data so that Xpeng vehicles can go anywhere by using devices like lidars and radars to find out what the road conditions are in real time.

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Since it began in 2014, Xpeng has been expanding outside of China. In late 2021, it began in Europe. Since then, it has sent its electric SUVs and sports sedans to Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands, and Sweden. In 2024, it plans to send them to Germany, France, and the United Kingdom. A lot of Chinese electric vehicle (EV) companies are moving to the Middle East. Last year, Xpeng started selling cars there.

We are still waiting to see how well Xpeng’s driver-assist system works in these new areas.

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