These Are The Best Porch Design Ideas For The Front And Back
These Are The Best Porch Design Ideas For The Front And Back

These Are The Best Porch Design Ideas For The Front And Back


The front porch is the first thing people notice about your beautiful home. This part shows off your uniqueness and style and makes a good first impression. A simple porch isn’t going to do, is it?

So, we’ve decided to show you some amazing porch design ideas that will blow your mind and the minds of your guests when they see your beautiful home. After all, interior design isn’t just for the living room and bedroom.

But before we go any further, let’s make it clear which parts of the house are meant to be called the front and back porches design ideas.

What Does A Front Porch Do

These Are The Best Porch Design Ideas For The Front And Back

Your home’s door is either a small area surrounded by outside walls on the front of the building, or your main gate, which is more likely to be a front porch. Sometimes it has a deck with a nice view of the front yard and street, and that’s where your house numbers go.

If you don’t have a front yard, the front porch usually has an awning or fencing that blocks the street from seeing the area. On the outside of your house, it makes it look nice when people first see it.

What Is A Porch In The Back

These Are The Best Porch Design Ideas For The Front And Back

You can’t see the back porch as well as the front porch. This space could be set up on any side of the house, not just the back. After a long day, most people choose to relax on the small protected porch area on the back porch. It faces your landscape, open yard, or maybe even a pool.

Adding a back porch is a great idea for both big and small homes. You can have your morning or evening tea here on a porch with a nice place to sit. With a little style, it can also make your date night better or give you a break after a hard day.

Now that you know where your front and back porches are, let’s talk about some design ideas that will make your porch look better overall…

Seating Area In The Open Space

These Are The Best Porch Design Ideas For The Front And Back

Adding seats to your porch is a beautiful way to make your home look new again. This beautiful open place gives you a great view of your front yard, backyard, neighborhood, garden pergolas, and outbuildings. This is something you may have seen in movies like “The Notebook” or Elena’s house on “The Vampire Diaries.” An open sitting room really makes the whole house look brighter. You could put a small couch with a coffee table or a bunch of single chairs on the back porch. This area is great for relaxing, having high tea, or getting together with friends in the yard. You could also build a porch with a roof over it so you can sit and listen to the rain without getting wet. It’s a great place to be romantic any time of the year.

You might want to add a porch swing, chairs, and seats to the front porch. To make the room brighter, you can also add an outdoor area mat. All of the decor is meant to give you a place to sit down and talk with friends or family, or to relax in the lounge at sunset while watching kids play in the neighborhood. It is pretty peaceful and fun.

Putting In A Fire Pit

These Are The Best Porch Design Ideas For The Front And Back

Have you always hoped you had a fire pit where you and your family could enjoy a campfire-like atmosphere?

Now is your chance. Making it a part of the decor on either your front or back porch will definitely make your time outside more stylish. This great decorating idea can be a part of your change with very little work. If you want to make your outdoor living space look more relaxing, all you have to do is add some rocking chairs or a porch sitting area.

Use Light Fixtures To Decorate

Since the porch is an outdoor living space, you might think that a few lights would make it look great. But believe us when we say that string lights on your porch ceiling or attached to the ceiling can make the room look a lot better.

You might even want to hang string lights over the trellis while you’re sitting on the porch. This gives it a grand look that’s great for small outdoor parties or a romantic dinner for two outside.

Pick The Right Paint Colors

You can usually choose bright colors for the inside of rooms like the living room, kitchen, or even a room outside. On the other hand, your porch design ideas should start with the outside walls of your home.

Because of this, pick some soft, light colors to paint the walls. A wide range of colors for your tiles and furniture can give your space life. But you should mostly paint the walls a neutral color if you don’t want the house to look very bright when the lights are off.

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