Sundar Pichai Talks About Search, AI & Dancing With Microsoft


sundar pichai talks about AI

Sundar Pichai Talks About Search, AI & Dancing With Microsoft


Google I/O, the biggest company’s conference held in which a lot of new innovative development introduced. But Sundar revealed new generative AI features in virtually all of the company’s products.

Google has done a remarkable job during the AI movement where everyone is busy beating Chat GPT, Google planned to introduce core Ai and future products.

Google was the first and quickest one to figure out the abbreviation of ‘T’ in the Chat GPT, which stands for transformers the large language model technology first invented at Google.

But unfortunately, Microsoft and other companies have become the first ones to utilize it with AI products.

Sundar Pichai talked about the search engine, Ai and its future. Knowing the fact that Microsoft teamed up with OpenAi to optimize Bing with Ai.

Talking about OpenAi, two months ago the company released the Chat GPT successor and it’s pretty dominating.

That’s a huge blow for Google, but Sundar revealed that they have already started working on their search engine.

Sundar Pichai Talks About Search Engines & Ai’s Future

Sundar Pichai Talks About Search Engines & Ai’s Future

During the conference of Google I/O, Pixel 7A was also revealed although it was leaked a few months ago. Google is taking AI projects very seriously looking over the competitor’s approach and their plans.

Sundar Pichai has been closely working with Google and Alphabet’s AI teams on a project called “Google DeepMind.”

While talking to the Verge’s correspondent, Sundar shared his views on various things such as his vision for Google, Ai, and search engine.

He said, “Look, I’ve said I have a lot of respect for Satya, and the team as well, and I think he partly said that so that you would ask me this question.”

He further added, “For me, maybe I’ll say it this way. We started working on this new Search Generative Experience last year. To me, it’s important in these moments to separate the signal from the noise.

For me, the signal here is there is a new way to search well and a way we can make our user experience better, but we had to get it right. And to me, that’s the North Star. That’s the signal. The rest is noise to me.

So to me, it was just important to work and get it right, and that’s what we’ve been focused on.”
Ever since last year’s tech crises, Google also had to lay off thousands of employees from their parent company called Alphabet.

Google Search Underdog

He even talked about the platform shift, he shared that, “There’s another challenge for Google inside of all this, right?

If you believe it’s a platform shift, this might be the first platform shift that regulators understand because it’s very obvious what kind of labor will be displaced. Lawyers, mostly, is what I gather, right?

They can see, okay, a bunch of white-collar labor will go away, like a C-plus email about a transaction, entire floors of those people can be reduced. And they seem much more focused on that risk. And then there’s the general AI risk that we all talk about.”

He further added, “When Google first did Search, it was an underdog, right? And it won a lot of court cases along the way that built the internet: the Google Books case, the image search case with Perfect 10, and the Viacom case with YouTube. It was an underdog, but it was delivering a ton of value. Now, you’re at the White House having an AI summit. I’m confident you’re going to end up in government capitals around the world talking about AI.”

Google Chrome might face big backlash, because a few months ago ARC Browser a replacement for Chrome introduced.

20 Years of Automation

When a correspondent asked him, do you think you’re in a different position now than that scrappy underdog inventing the internet? You’re the incumbent. Are you playing a different role?

He said, “Two parts to the question. On the first part, briefly, look, I think we can… For 20 years of tech automation, people have predicted all kinds of jobs would go away. Movie theaters were supposed to end and they kind of did.

With his tone and calmness looks like Sundar is on a mission to take Ai to whole another level. The conference became a big success for Google as their Ai features were very much appreciated.

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