Release Dates for "Deadpool 3" and "Captain America 4"


As Strike Ends, Marvel Adjusts Release Dates for "Deadpool 3" and "Captain America 4"

As Strike Ends, Marvel Adjusts Release Dates for “Deadpool 3” and “Captain America 4”


Marvel Studios has shifted the release date of summer tentpole Deadpool 3 a bit later than originally anticipated. It was announced late Wednesday that the high-profile threequel will open at the domestic box office on July 26, 2024, rather than May 3, 2024.The release date of Captain America: New World Order has been pushed back nine months to Feb. 14, 2025, from July.

Another Marvel movie starring Florence Pugh and Sebastian Stan, Thunderbolts, has been pushed back from Dec. 20, 2024, to July 25, 2025. It was originally scheduled for Feb. 14, 2025, but has been pushed back nine months to Nov. 7, 2025. The scripts for Blade and Thunderbolts were not ready in time, so they shut down during May’s writers’ strike before they could go into production.

At this point, Marvel only has one film on its 2024 calendar (Deadpool), which could make the film feel special in an era when some superhero films have struggled at the box office. There will be four Marvel movies in 2024 (including Fantastic Four, which was originally scheduled for May 5, 2024).

In non-Marvel changes, Disney rescheduled Mufasa: The Lion King for Dec. 20, 2024 (from July 5, 2024). Barry Jenkins directs the prequel.

Deadpool 3 â€” which reunited Ryan Reynolds in the lead role and producer’s chair — was one of several Hollywood projects forced to put a stop to filming when the actors went on strike in July.


Following the announcement by SAG that it has struck a tentative agreement with Hollywood studios to end the arduous 117-day strike, Marvel and the Deadpool team—which also includes director Shawn Levy and co-star Hugh Jackman—took immediate action on Tuesday night.

According to insiders, Levy is scheduled to return to filming in London within the next two weeks. Disney and Marvel have paid to maintain the sets in place, and a crew is waiting on call.

The summer is a popular time for superhero movies, so the filmmakers plan to release the movie then. To finish filming the second part of the picture, they will need as much extra time as possible. Sources claim that Levy and Reynolds edited the footage they had already filmed and started work on special effects during the strike’s lull.

The postponement of Captain America: New World Order, which stars Anthony Mackie as Captain America/Sam Wilson, was not expected because principal photography was finished before the strikes. Instead, many people thought the movie would premiere in May 2024 and switch dates with Deadpool.

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