Jeff Bezos And Sanchez Recently Went Viral On The Internet


Jeff Bezos And Lauren Sanchez Recently Went Viral On The Internet

Jeff Bezos And Lauren Sanchez Recently Went Viral On The Internet


Having completed a 400,000-acre aerial tour of the Blue Origin base and massive multimillion-dollar ranch she shares with her billionaire fiancé Jeff Bezos with her personal helicopter, Lauren Sánchez went on to tell a Vogue reporter what a normal person she is. Sánchez says, “Our lives are pretty normal,” adding that “our kids are the center of our daily lives.”

In the mornings, whoever wakes up first makes the other a cup of coffee (Bezos likes his black, or he uses Laird Hamilton’s dairy creamer), according to Sánchez. For breakfast, Sanchez sometimes makes fried eggs on flour tortillas. A deep fryer is sometimes used by Bezos on weekends to make churros.

In addition to working out regularly together, the couple watches some TV at 9:30 pm. Saturday family movie nights are a very suburban tradition in the couple’s household. There is family dinner “every night” between piano lessons, dropping off and picking up the kids.

Sanchez and Bezos’ weekday revolve around their kids, according to Vogue. The couple moves between LA (where the youngest kids live) and Lake Washington (where the adult children live) and has an established drop-off routine that involves Sanchez personally driving her kid to school.

As they describe morning coffee, school drop-offs, and evening television, Sánchez and Bezos sound like any ordinary middle-class family. Naturally, he is among the wealthiest men in history, and the omission of some details from the biography highlights the extent of America’s ongoing battle with inequality as well as the secrets the super-rich refuse to acknowledge.

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As one viral tweet from one of the Vogue photoshoots featuring Sánchez and Bezos wearing basic jeans and a cowboy hat puts it, “America is amazing.” The internet can’t get enough of this specific frame. Even after being the wealthiest person alive, a man still has a strong desire to dress up as a stiff from the working class.

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