For Google One, The Cloud Storage Service
For Google One, The Cloud Storage Service

Sundar Pichai Says That Almost 100 Million People Have Signed Up For Google One, The Cloud Storage Service


CEO Sundar Pichai of Google said that the number of people who use its Google One cloud storage service is “just about to cross” 100 million.

Pichai said that the company wants to add more AI-powered features to the Google One service during Alphabet’s Q4 2023 earnings call. Google One was first released by the search giant in 2018. It has changed since then, and now Google Photos has added features like magic eraser, portrait light and portrait blur, color pop, and sky suggestion for editing photos.

If you pay $1.99 a month for Google One, you can use its VPN service in the U.S. and share 100GB of data with up to five other people.

Pichai said that Google’s subscription business as a whole is growing and now makes more than $15 billion a year. This includes YouTube Premium and Music, YouTube TV, and Google One. The business said this is five times what it was in 2019. On top of that, it said that the “Subscriptions, Platforms, and Devices” vertical has grown by 23% year-over-year thanks to strong subscription success.

In November 2022, Google said that YouTube’s paid plans had 80 million users. But since then, there hasn’t been any more news. The company said that 2 billion signed-in users watch YouTube Shorts every month and 7 billion play them every day. These are the same amounts that Google reported for Q3 2023.

In the beginning of the month, Google fired almost 1,000 workers from hardware, engineers, services, and 100 workers from YouTube. After that, Pichai told his staff in a private memo that this year there will be more job cuts.

In its earnings report, Google said it had 182,502 employees, which is a little more than the 182,381 employees it said it had in its Q3 earnings report. It did have 190,234 employees at the end of 2022, so this number is a lot less than that.

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Even though it was an 11% rise from the previous year, Google’s ad revenue of $65.5 billion was less than what analysts had expected ($65.8 billion). Stocks in the company fell by 4% after this miss.

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