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Fans are Clamoring for Eight Things that GTA 6 Needs to Have

Fans are Clamoring for Eight Things that GTA 6 Needs to Have


Some pretty big GTA 6 leaks included a bunch of video clips, which gave us a few details about the game. There will be two protagonists to swap between, a man and a woman, and it appears to be set in Vice City in the present day (following GTA 5’s events).

We tend to enjoy guessing more than anyone else, and beyond that, it’s anyone’s guess. The eight things we want from GTA 6 are listed below.

Player-only DLC

After ten years, it was anticipated that GTA 5 would continue Franklin, Michael, and Trevor’s adventures in the Los Santos universe. However, it never, ever materialized. Gamers who endured endless updates to GTA Online while they waited eagerly for this were let down.

If GTA 6 manages to strike a balance between its online expansion and the prestige expansions of GTA 4, it will satisfy its fan base.

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RPG Elements

Fans are hoping that GTA 6 will build on the weight/fitness mechanics introduced in GTA: San Andreas and incorporate realistic hair growth from Red Dead Redemption 2, as well as customizable weaponry and cars.

Girls as Characters

To the joy of fans, leaks suggest that GTA 6 will mark a significant shift in the franchise’s depiction of women, replacing Red Dead Redemption’s more robust cast of female characters.

These leaks imply that Lucia, one of two selectable characters with a “Bonnie-and-Clyde-like relationship,” will succeed Franklin, Trevor, and Michael in a first for the franchise. Furthermore, Lucia will give birth to a child who will appear in cutscenes.

Nemesis Framework

As the game went on, this technique gave rise to a game inside a game where you had to kill opponents and forge grudges against an army of rivals that grew alongside you.

It turns out that GTA 6 players would really prefer to see a system like this implemented.

Engaging NPCs

In GTA 6, players will be seeking greater interaction and realism than in previous games. With a sophisticated physics engine providing the framework for a response and potential dialogue system based on RDR2, GTA 6 may see incredibly well-developed NPCs complete the game’s universe, giving it a more polished and deep experience.

Consider the impact this would have on the GTA 6 universe as well. Police increasing their presence in high-risk areas where NPC gunplay occurs (or retreating to safer, gated neighborhoods or affluent in-game areas).

Fans expect more than window dressing from the world in which they play. In this case, GTA 6 might do something exceptional.

Personalized Song Lists

The soundtrack of Grand Theft Auto 6 is undoubtedly a highlight, but the in-game radio is a feature that is absent. Custom playlists within the game should be planned, since it is most likely set in the present day, or at least after the Spotify/mobile listening revolution.

Fans, however, won’t object if Rockstar overworks the song. We’ve been enjoying it so far.

The Mechanics of Theft

I know this sounds simple, but the GTA series has a lot of crime, and it hasn’t always been a great way to use it as a gameplay element. Even though GTA isn’t a crime simulator—or at least not in a tasteful way—it’s a crucial component of the gameplay. It is and always has been.

Here is where GTA 6 leaks seem to portend a shift: instead of waiting for the story to give you an opportunity to earn in-game currency, it appears that robberies and dynamic crime will play a larger role in gameplay.

A Deeper Map

Further Chart Map size has been a source of pride for Rockstar Games thus far. Massive GTA 6 has been made possible by RDR2, which features San Andreas, Los Santos, and almost the whole fictional United States.

However, scale usually comes at the expense of depth. There are rumors that Grand Theft Auto 6 will have a bigger map than GTA 5 and RDR2, which should give players a greater sense of depth when exploring the map. Fans of Grand Theft Auto 6 are enthralled with the size of the map, but even a large map must have plenty of action, excitement, and lore. There must be this depth in GTA 6.

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