5 Types of Soulmates You'll Meet in Your Lifetime


5 Types of Soulmates You’ll Meet in Your Lifetime


A soul mate is a person who enters our lives with all ups and downs. They are known to be the ones that are aligned with your soul and someone who has been sent from the cosmos to challenge you. They add different spices to the recipe of your life and turn you into something very different; they make you a person who is more aware and more consciousness. In the end, comes the hardest part when all the essential life lessons have been learned – physical separation usually occurs. But the impact of them being in your life never really leaves your mind. So, here are 5 different types of soulmates that you would come across in your lifetime.

1. Besties as Soulmate


We all often come across some people who give us a feeling as we have known them for ages and that’s how it clicks. Suddenly, our mind eventually starts to give us a signal that “this is it”, this is the person you were waiting for and that paves the way to the life long friendship.

This person without any doubt is the one who understands you better than you do yourself and you know that no matter what happens they have got your back.

You enjoy talking and sharing all your gossips with them.

2. Rock the ball Soulmate


This person enters your life like a wrecking ball. They are the hurricane in your life that just sweeps you away with their immense love for you and such people always enter your life when you are in real need for someone to change your perspective of how you look at things.

But as your relationship ends with this person you use all the memories of you both be it the tiniest memory in some part of your brain; which makes you even stronger and better than before.

3. The Devotional Soulmate

They are the love at first sight kind of people; the one who gives you butterflies in the stomach or who you feel an instant connection with. They are most likely to be your first love, an affair while cheating on someone else, or someone who you had no strings attached to.

They tend to be the best ones as you can be friends with them even when you call off your relationship on solely the basis of how much they taught you in life. All that ever fades is just the romantic love portion.

4. Random Stranger Soulmate


You usually come across these kinds of people when you were in a party, in a plane or as someone who your eyes met with and you just chit-chatted a little bit.

The “zing” just happens to them when they say something that you were waiting to hear since a long time. By then you just know that it meant something to you even if you never get to see them again.

5. Divine Soulmate


They are the ones that fit the definition of a soulmate in our mind and heart and if you get lucky enough; you might get to spend the rest of your life with them.

With them, there is a strong bond since the beginning just by interacting with them, and surprisingly it never goes away. It’s always there – the friendship, the exceptional and delightful long standing love.

Love happens to all of us at a certain age and time, so how about you figure out which soulmate have you come across in your lifetime? And if you haven’t, well, keep looking.

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