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4 Most Powerful Signs Of The Zodiac And Their Strengths


Do you check your horoscope everyday and live your life accordingly? Turns out your birthday, date and year contribute a ton to your personality and psychological abstract human traits. Many people believe that their daily horoscope is a prediction of what their upcoming day might look like. We’ve all checked our zodiac signs atleast once and said “Wow that’s so me!”

We’re here to present 4 astrologically powerful signs aka the bosses that represent different elements and strengths the owner might possess. As an added bonus, we’ll even name some celebs that have won the zodiac lottery by being blessed with these signs

1. Aries (21st March to 20th April)

Aries is one of the strongest, most rebellious signs there exists. They usually like to take control and show everyone who’s boss, adding to that, they are extremely compassionate people and tend to like all the attention given to them while taking every leadership authority there exists.

Celebrity Aries:

Lady Gaga
Charles Chaplin
Harry Houdini

2. Scorpio (24th October to 21st November)

Scorpios are definitely the most different signs. Their emotional stability is everything to them and they will never settle for less. The dreams they dream are their goals and getting things done just naturally comes to scorpians.

Bonus: This is also the world’s most dangerous sign according to FBI crime data. (One more reason to be badass)

Celebrity Scorpios:

Jimmy Kimmel
Katy Perry
Ryan Gosling

3. Cancer (22nd June to 23rd July)

Cancerians are known for their sudden change in plans and minds. They aren’t any less persistent and strong though. Infact, they tend to drive and motivate people around them by making them believe in their own competency! But what makes cancers ideal is their perfectionism and self confidence. This runs in their blood and for good reason.

Celebrity Cancerians:

Julius Ceaser
Prince William
George W. Bush

4. Leo (24th July to 23rd August)

We’ll end this article with the real boss. Leo’s are born leaders. When they’re determined to do something, there’s nothing you can do to misguide them or take them off path. They’re like lions, strong and without fear. The ability to direct things and lead them into perfection is what makes them stand out.

Celebrity Leos:
Barack Obama
Amelia Earhart

What’s your zodiac? Are you one of the dominant 4’s? Tell us in the comments below! We’d love to know

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