Listen up, Ladies! Here are the Things You Don't Need to Give a Fuck About


Listen up, Ladies! Here are the Things You Don’t Need to Give a Fuck About


Hey, you! Yes, I’m talking to you. How many times have you cried over things that aren’t in your control? You’ve probably lost count by now, haven’t you? Well, there’s a solution to all the sadness. It’s always been there, you’ve just never opened that door because you’re a good little girl and your parents have taught you morals and values that you just can’t forget. You’re only trying to make it big in the world but giving a fuck about everything won’t get you there.

There are a couple of scenarios in life where you just shouldn’t be giving a rats ass about shit that’s not in your realm of jurisdiction. We’ve gathered a list of 11 things that you need to let go and not care about.

1. People

Honey, people will walk in and out of your life. And that’s okay, you can’t stop them from coming in or going out. Everyone has a specific role and importance that they have in your life. You need to accept that. You can beg them to stay, bribe them, be nice to them but that won’t make a difference. If it’s time for them to leave, they will leave. So don’t give a fuck about that stupid boy that promised you a happy ever after and left within a year. Don’t give a fuck about your girlfriend who said you’ll stay BFF’s for life but then she ended up back stabbing you. Fuck it all.

2. Weight


“You define yourself” Please let that sink in. Read it twice if you have too. You can not let your weight dictate your life. It is okay to be fat and it is also okay to be skinny! You can’t let the media tell you how to look. The ‘perfect’ girls on Magazine Covers are half photoshopped. They hardly look like themselves without 50KG of makeup and hours of photoshop. So stop giving a fuck about your weight because you define yourself, your weight doesn’t.

3. Opinions

Everybody will have something to say about you or your job. You need to tell these people to fuck off and live your life, angel. They’re not worth it. I know it’s easier said than done, but this is something you need to overcome in life. Stand in front of a mirror and tell yourself that you’re good enough, pretty enough and all kinds of enough. Fuck their opinion. You’re your own kind of beautiful.

4. Ex-Boyfriends


At least once in your life, you’re going to experience a really heartbreaking breakup. You’ll feel like your world is falling apart and no one around you gives a shit or understands what you’re going through. Just remember that you’re not alone. Your mom and dad have probably gone through the same thing when they were your age. Everyone has to go through hell to get to the rainbow. So don’t give a fuck about that one guy you thought you’ll have kids with because he left you and he doesn’t matter anymore. 10 years later, you’ll be with someone who understands your self-worth and will treat you right.

5. Grades

Okay, you failed one subject, got a bad grade and you are petrified about what your parents will say. It is perfectly fine. You’re allowed to fail once in a while. Don’t let that one failure stop you or take over your mind. Because when you’re going for a job interview, they won’t ask why you failed one course back in school/college. It may seem big at the moment, but every successful man in the world has failed more than once. So don’t give a fuck if you fail, you’re probably going to be the next Bill Gates.

6. Mistakes

Yes, you will make mistakes. You’ve probably made a ton by now, but you’re guaranteed to make a million more in the future. Mistakes can be in any shape or form. Maybe you chose the wrong answer in your SAT’s or you dated a boy who didn’t deserve you. Don’t give a fuck about your mistakes, because that’s how you’ll learn. That’s how you’ll grow and become the greatness you were destined to be.

7. Abusing

Being a girl, if you abuse once in a gathering, you will get judged. This is a sad reality of conservative societies and it still exists. You can’t change the system, but you can stand out as a variable of change. So fuck their mindset and say whatever the fuck comes in your head. As long as you’re not offending anyone or hurting them on a personal level, you’re good to go. Girls are allowed to be themselves, so don’t give a fuck about it, girlfriend.

8. Dressing


Is your skirt too short? Oh no, did you accidentally show your Victoria’s Secret sports bra in the gym? Well, fuck that. You can wear whatever the fuck you feel like without having to owe any explanation to anyone. After all, we completely support the #FreeTheNipple cause.

9. Gossip

Some bitch spreading rumors about you? Fuck her fake allegations and live your life, girl. She’s probably trying to gain a higher social status and her only up the social ladder is by bringing you down. You need to screw what she says but most importantly screw everyone who believes her. Because people like that are not worth keeping in your life. They’re toxic and they need to go ASAP.

10. Social Media

So you just posted a hot selfie on Instagram but you haven’t got your desired amount of likes? Screw that. Since when does the number of likes on a picture give you validation or approval that you’re pretty? Don’t worry, your little mind about all this petty shit. I bet there are at least 50 people who won’t like your selfie because it’s you not because it isn’t pretty enough. So there’s no point in giving a fuck about that.

There you go. A list of things you should never, ever, ever give a fuck about because you need to rise above things like this and realize that you’re your own person and that wherever you are, is where you should be. Besides, think of all the time and energy you’ll save while not giving a fuck! Imagine all the work you’ll get done and how efficient you’ll be from now onwards.

Let us know your ideal situations where you just couldn’t give a fuck in the comments down below!

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