Cats and Dogs Can See Spirits and Frequencies That Humans Can’t


Cats and Dogs Can See Spirits and Frequencies That Humans Can’t


In the ancient history, the only relationship between people and animals were a hunter and a prey. Back then, animals were only considered a primary source of food and their skins were for clothes. Humans have always been dependent on animals for food, clothing, and transportation and in some cultures, they were also a focus of religious worship. The one thing that remained constant is animals playing a vital role in human lives.

Some last hundred years changed the perception of people, and animals now are mostly kept for happiness and friendship. The most satisfying and enriching experience in life is to own a pet. A pet is a part of the family that will never fail to amaze you with its tricks and personality. You will look after that and nurture it either all by yourself or with the help of your family, and in return, it will be very thankful to you.

Cats and dogs are in the list of top 5 pets that people around the world love to have. Dogs are kept for having a companion and a helper. They act as a symbol for their owners to showcase their personalities in the breed that they own. Whereas on the other hand, cats don’t always get their due share as they are introverts and reserved creatures. But the reality is totally opposite. Cats can very easily get involved with the kids in the family and can also learn to play games that are said to be for dogs only. But what if you were told that your pet can see spirits? Wouldn’t it be shocking? Because as per facts, it is claimed to be true.

Till now, it was only perceived that animals can see UV rays but as per the evidences, it’s been proven that animals can see UV rays. There are multiple animals who by birth have this ability to see in frequencies that we humans can not. It’s proven from a study that was carried out some years ago, by biologists at the City University London US which proved that cats, dogs, and other mammals seem to see in UV light. The wave length of the UV light is far from red to violet that we humans can’t even see. Scientists have claimed that it was perilously believed that animals like cats, dogs, monkeys, pandas, hedgehogs, and ferrets can’t see UV but they can.


This is just the start of the revelations that are coming your way if you have a cat or dog as a pet. You might have encountered some moments where your pet was looking at something that you cannot see or thought was unusual. The question is, could your pets be seeing spirits? The study was not about whether animals can see spirits or not, instead, it’s all about what’s going on in their eyes. Animals are noticed to be continuously in tune with something that we humans aren’t.

We can’t find the answer to that as we are unable to communicate on that level to be sure. If you are curious to know more about animals seeing invisible things which also includes bees and mice, then watch the video above and quench your thirst for knowledge!

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