We Don’t Meet Anyone By Accident – 5 Types of Synchronistic Connections


We Don’t Meet Anyone By Accident – 5 Types of Synchronistic Connections


They say everything happens for a reason. I couldn’t agree with the saying more. There was, however, a point in my life when I thought that destiny, fate and the universe weren’t elements that work in our favor, rather against us. But with the passage of time, I’ve come to the mere realization that things are always in our favor, even when they seemingly go against us. They’re going to work out for the best in the end.

There will be moments of hatred and rage where you’ll feel like things are going south and nothing is working out the way you want it too. We’ve all been there, we’ve all cried our eyes out, not knowing that everything that’s happening, is happening for a reason and that it’s meant to be this way. Everybody’s journey differs and so does their outcome. We’re not meant to travel the same path, this is probably one of the life’s only journeys that need to be traveled alone.

But have you ever wondered why? Why do things go wrong to make them right? Why did that guy leave you after he promised eternity? Why does that girl not talk to you anymore? Why did you suddenly drift apart from the people you once couldn’t live without? There’s a perfectly logical explanation for all these events. There’s a greater purpose hidden behind everything that goes down in our life.

Here are 5 perfectly positioned and pre-planned synchronistic connections that take place in everyone’s life with or without their consent (They obviously perform their own function that’s meant to serve us in a special way that only we can decipher in our own life after careful examination).

1. The People Who Awaken You


Ever feel like you stopped following that dream you were crazy about last year? Do you feel like you’ve lost track and drifted away from the goals you’ve always had? During the course of your life, whenever you feel like you’re stuck in a rut, the universe will send someone who will inspire you and remind you of that crazy dream you had! Not only will that person make you want to get out of bed and pursue your goals, but they will awaken the passion and drive within your soul that will light your way to success.

2. The People Who Push You To Grow


Sometimes, you’re stuck on getting what some one else has. May it be that cute outfit you saw that model wear on Instagram. When you start copying others, you forget your own unique purpose in the world and stop growing the way you were designed to. When this happens, you’ll find people that come and water your soul, nourish it and provide sunshine just enough for you to realize things on your own. These people will leave as soon as your plant will start sustaining itself.

3. The People Who Hold Space


How many times have you passed by a stranger smiling at you on the street? Maybe you saw a cute little baby look at you and his eyes suddenly lit up like the night time sky. Or you’ve had a random conversation with a passer about directions. These people aren’t meant to cross your path for long, just long enough for you to forget them after they leave. They’re here to play a secretly significant role. Sometimes, when you’re 30 and when you finally have a kid of your own and he smiles at you like you’re the most beautiful thing in the entire world, you’ll remember that little kid you saw on the street whose eyes lit up when he saw you.

4. The People Who Remind You To Grow


When you’ve wavered from your path and are stuck in a rut and you feel like you’ve lost purpose in life, you’ll often see the universe will send someone with the same interest as you and they will remind you to not stay in one place and keep progressing and keep growing. They will remind you of the greatness that you were destined for. Eventually, you realize and understand what you’ve been doing wrong and things start to finally get on track. When you’re stable enough to stand on your own, these people leave because they’ve served their purpose in your life.

5. The People That Will Stay


Almost everyone in your life will temporarily come and teach you lessons and then they will fly away with the wind. It’s gut wrenching filling the void they left. But luckily, you will come across people in your life who will make it all better for you. They will take care of you, nourish you, pamper you, make you realize how beautiful you are inside out and most importantly cherish and celebrate you for what you are and everything you stand for. These are the kind of people that will stay. But in order for them to stay, you must attract them in your life. To attract them in your life, you must be everything you want them to be, and that is the greatest thing you will ever do.

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