10 Characteristics That Can Confirm If You Are An Empath


10 Characteristics That Can Confirm If You Are An Empath


Have you ever heard about empath? Mostly seen as fictional characters, they are people who have an unusual gift of understanding the mental or emotional state of people around them. Empaths are affected by the energies of people around them, and can even feel the intention of those people. Furthermore, since they are so sensitive towards such minor changes, empaths can perceive spiritual urges, physical sensitivities and thoughts. So, how can you tell if you are an empath? Listed below are 10 characteristics that are normally found with empaths:

1) Sense of Knowing

Empaths know stuff, period. This feeling goes well beyond intuition and is not specifically gut feeling either. The more they focus on this, the stronger it gets.


2) Overwhelmed By Being In Public

Crowded places like malls, markets, or public events can make empaths dazed. Since they are receiving numerous emotions from so many people, empaths become overwhelmed.

3) Taking Others’ Emotions As Their Own

Sometimes, empaths realise feelings of a person standing near them or even at a distance from them, depending on how good they are as empaths. Such an ability make them understand the motives of the person and the individuals themselves.

4) Violence and Brutality Are A Pain To Watch

Empaths have a hard time dealing with negative emotions and it becomes worse when such emotions take their evil side.


5) They Can Feel Dishonesty, If They Choose To

They tend not to, but they can very well sense when a person is being dishonest. It would be hurtful for anyone if they find out if a loved one is being dishonest with them, similarly, it can be that empaths choose to suppress this ability when speaking to ones close to them.

6) Lower Back Pain and Digestive Disorders

The centre of the abdomen is the point where one of the seven chakra points, the solar plexus chakra, is located. This is also known as the seat of emotions. Incoming emotions are received through this point and eventually, it weakens the biological system surrounding the abdomen.

7) Underdogs Usually Grab Their Attention

People who are bullied, are suffering, or in any sort of pain generally, attract empaths attentions who shower them with compassion.


8) People Tend To Dump Their Problems On Them

Empaths can easily become dumping grounds for people’s problems and issues. If they are not careful then this can turn out to be a problem of their own.

9) Fatigue

Such an ability have a tendency to drain most of the internal energy. That is why empaths usually are tired and probably also sleep deprived.

10) Addiction

In order to block out emotions, empaths can turn to drugs, smoking, or any kind of suppressant in order to feel relaxed.

Have you been able to figure out who is an empath among you? Let us know if this is true for them as well!

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