6 Things that Happen when an Empath Loves a Narcissist


6 Things that Happen when an Empath Loves a Narcissist


An empath and narcissists are like the Ying and Yang which find the perfect balance for each other or as they say, “opposites truly attract.” Empaths are known to be ideal people when it comes to having a relationship with, as they have been hatched with a built-in ability to understand people while on the other hand, it won’t be wrong to compare narcissist with a roller coaster having immense ups and downs. But to find out the reality, let’s dig in?

1. Narcissists create a Feeling of Relaxation


An empath builds a strong bond for the narcissist. As the narcissists always tend to create serenity for the empath. But narcissists never really try to make a move and reassure the empath about their feelings.

2. Empaths devotion for narcissist

Empaths love to show their tenderness but they do not realize that doing so would make the narcissist become more in control. They are always involved in completing the emptiness in a narcissist’s life.

3. Narcissism can cause depression and anxiety


Narcissists incline to use manipulative strategies that make the empaths doubt themselves in every aspect of their lives. It starts with common phrases like “I never said that”, “You’re insane” and “you’re assuming things”. A narcissists goal is achieved when an empath truly starts to believe that without a narcissist, their life would have been miserable.

4. Empaths reach their breaking point


During a phase in their relationship, they become the complete opposite of what they are. Having a strong influence of a narcissist in their lives who can turn their blissful moment into the most disrespectful moment; their personality traits kind of fades away. Even the people who know them, start to disown them.

5. Empaths blame themselves

As soon as they break up, empaths start to criticize themselves for being the problematic one in their relationship. They keep over thinking of themselves as being the egoistic one to just have thought about them. What they fail to realize is that they didn’t disappoint anything or anyone.

6. Narcissists move on:


Narcissists continue to search for their next target without the understanding that their desolation is triggered by themselves. They are always the kind of people whose entire sense of self-regard and self-worth is solely dependent on the appreciation of what others say about them.

Having such relationship is kind of a memory that you don’t want to remember in your life ever. Even the flashback is a nightmare to you. But if you have had any sort of a relationship, then always remember, that there is always a sunshine after the storm.


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