10 Things You’ll Notice when You’re In the Presence of an Empath


10 Things You’ll Notice when You’re In the Presence of an Empath


Empaths are the kind of people who are too good for this world. They tend to feel for everyone even if it’s a pet. They sometimes consider themselves as aliens living on this planet. There is this aura that the empaths create that will make you talk to them even if you don’t want to bond with them. You will build a strong connection. If you puzzled and searching for someone to pour your heart out then there you go, empaths are the correct choice because an empath a day keeps problems away. Look around yourself, if you have an empath in your company, then let’s see how many things can you relate to:

1. They being themselves

Empaths are the kind of people that can never be fake, or even pretend to be fake. It’s not their thing. It is commonly said that honesty is the best policy but not everyone follows that policy beside empaths, who never ever divert from being an honest person. This personality trait helps them to build a strong and true friendship. But some people tend to get avoided by their sensitivity because for them being too honest takes you nowhere.

2. Caffeine addicts


Anything that contains caffeine whether it is coffee, tea, soda or any sort of energy drink they incline to, makes them more frantic and anxious as compared to other people. In addition to all this, they try their level best to avoid prescriptions as much as they can due to innumerable, and distasteful after effects that it has.

3. Overwhelmed by mass

Empaths have a wide range of identity types. They can be introverts, extrovert, and ambiverts. Out of all three of them, the extroverts can very effortlessly become overwhelmed in crowds. They are born with the ability to captivate almost everyone’s energy or auras.

4. Negativity affects them


Being born in a world where it is said that the world is filled with negativity, they can’t even take a bit of it. Even a glimpse of the violent world affects them in a very bad manner. They are prone to being directly proportional to all the bad things around them.

5. Healing is blissful

For an empath, helping is easy as pie. They do it like it’s their daily routine. They will mentor you towards healing with their real-life experiences to make it sound even better to you; so that you can easily implement it in your lives.

6. They are easily worn-out


An empath has a bag of their own emotions plus the surrounding of emotions and feelings. They understand, process and advice everything that the people around them are going through. Only some of them figure out a way to release all the other energy, despite carrying it with them.

7. Easy distractions

If sensitivity has a synonym, it would have been empaths – as they are tremendously sensitive to everyone around them. Empaths can lose focus even on a cat passing by in front of them – that’s the level of them being distracted. But the sunshine in their life is that they perceive even the tiniest of things.

8. Supersensitive to noise


They are hypersensitive to some specific fabrics, bright lights, and textures. Even the minute sounds or the most thundering sound can get to their ears. There are other things that they get in their observation which includes gentle sounds, soft caresses, and delicate tastes but in an acceptable manner.

9. Strong bond with animals

They have a whole different perception for animals as they see even the wildest animal as the most flawless soul. In their universe, the love is incapable of abhorring. They communicate with their pets which to them, are family and if they are lucky enough – they do get a reply.

10. Outstanding hearer


If you want someone who you can talk to for hours and hours and still go on, then you should look for an empath. You can tell them about the most memorable moment of your life to the most dreadful events that occurred that you just don’t even want to recall. And the best part about an empath is that they will also create the world in their mind where they will be experiencing your journey. They won’t ever judge you or even think of a bad thing to say to you. Out of everything that you have told them, they will still find something to help you with.

We all have such kinds of people in our company and after reading this, some names might have crossed your mind. If yes, then tag them in the comment section below and tell them of how dear they are to you, because it won’t be wrong to say that an empath is a blessing.

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