"Mika" Becomes The First AI CEO Robot That Resembles A person.


"Mika" Becomes The First AI CEO Robot That Resembles A person.

“Mika” Becomes The First AI CEO Robot That Resembles A person.


In the past years, we’ve all become intimately familiar with sophisticated but deeply flawed artificial intelligence chatbots that can craft work emails and high school essays. In comparison to just a year ago, even the concept of collaborating with AI algorithms seems more attainable.

As we all know Elon Musk also presents “Grok,” XAI’s new chatbot. Musk joined a petition earlier this year requesting a halt to the development of AI models to create standardized safety procedures.

A company names an AI-driven robot as its CEO.

According to Mika in a Dictador company video, “I can generate data-driven decisions swiftly and accurately with advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms.”

The Fox Business reporter Lauren Simonetti noted that Mika takes a “Significant delay” to process and respond to your inquiry.

Dictador’s CEO David Hanson, who employed Mika at Hanson Robotics, stressed the importance of “humanizing” artificial intelligence.

It’s important to teach AI to care about people if we want AI to be really safe, and really good. I think humanizing AI is a very important step, “Hanso said earlier this week on “Mornings with Maria”

Additionally, Simonetti surveyed residents of New York City about the robotic CEO. One person argued that robots don’t need respect because they are just machines, so they don’t deserve respect.

Mika’s sister Sophia was first introduced by Hanson Robotics in 2016. Sophia has a history of threatening to “destroy humans.”

President Biden signed an executive order earlier this week mandating businesses to notify the government of any threats to national security and safeguard Americans from the possible dangers of artificial intelligence.

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