The Dirtiest Thing You’re Willing to do In Bed, As Told by Your Zodiac Sign


Everyone around the globe has secrets that we keep to ourselves when it comes to bed, but we are only fooling ourselves by thinking that there is no way our dirty little secrets will be revealed. However, what you are about to read is something that you would have least expected. Next time when you go up to someone to ask him/her their zodiac sign, remember, that besides all the things, it also gives you an insight into their sick, sexual fantasies which are most depraved.

Brace yourself for the talk about sex. Its definition is somehow taken to be of being sick in the bed, but it has a totally different meaning when it comes to the real-world. However, some of these desires might seem sick, dirty, disgusting to you, or they might give you a feeling of “50 shades of grey” playing in the background, but it would provide you with the lengths that you are willing to go to in bed based on your zodiac sign. If you are getting curious, then let’s dig right in:


1. Aries – Sadist games of Horse-y

When it comes to Aries women they act like power hungry in the bedroom. They could easily take it to a whole new level when it comes to kinky game playing.

Both the genders enjoy love nothing more than to take risks in the bedroom with their partner but beware because they can accept everything except, monotony in bed. So be prepared to take risks and explore.

2. Taurus – Shit play


They are lovers of luxury. Taurus is often attracted with the opposite of what they are in the real life. They love the natural pheromones that the body gives off including the earthy, natural smell of their partner which for them, is great. They are someone who can get down and get dirty in the sack, incorporating attraction and golden showers to their bedroom routine. It’s in their nature to be in charge and dominating when it comes to bed –  which they save for the last and get messy in foreplay.

3. Gemini – Gadgets and gizmos a’plenty

This zodiac depicts duality which comes along with being mentally and sexually, active. They are both the doer and the onlooker at the same time. Fun is their thing which they are always ready for, but in bed, they can initiate new things or wait for the initiative. Geminis are not the kinkiest, but rather enjoy incorporating toys and gadgets that allow them the freedom to both experience new things while taking mental notes. However, being a multitasker, they get off and present a special challenge that prevents boredom.

4. Cancer – Incestuous role-play


Being subjected to sexual deviance, they can show up as a preference for incestuous role-play. They are crazy to such an extent that you can dress up your cancer partner in a diaper and pretend to be his or her mom or dad; will easily get them off. Asking outright is not something that they will ever admit. They are quiet sensitive about this for most part, but if you get involved with them; you are in for some fun.

5. Leo – Home Movies

Leo would prefer a partner to be submissive so they can get all the spotlight, shine in the bedroom and become a star is what they eventually want. They have the talent of turning just everything sexual into a production, complete with lights, camera and full of action. But, if their partner is not into it then definitely they will cut them off.

Their level of being crazy is unreachable because if they had a friend who would take photos of them in the bedroom, then they would for sure get it printed right away and post it in their scrapbook for their anniversary.

 6. Virgo – Foreplay


This zodiac sign believes in giving and accepting to get everything. For instance, if they don’t have fun giving an oral, then they may want to steer clear. Virgos are not frigid sexually; their kinks are thematically tied to their own reputation. But the scary part is if they have a good time in bed, they will start to incorporate punishment into the routine, or might punish themselves by watching their partner. Plus, they will also dedicate their attention to detail in life for their activities in the bedroom.

7. Libra – Four-course foreplay

Libras enjoy the small-scale punishments and others on a much larger scale, but it sometimes gets creepy when they start enjoying to watch their partner sleeping with someone else. But what they are trying to do is to please them. Their sexual fantasies are very refined as they can dress up in black leather and enjoy the outfit more than the activities.

They enjoy foreplay that lasts for hours.So, if you’re not into oral, steer clear of Libra. It’s kind of their “thing.”

8. Scorpio – DANGER: High-voltage!

Being in bed with someone of this Zodiac will get you everything that you want. They can enlighten you with all the intimate knowledge you need to know. Moreover, they also enjoy inflicting pain on their partners and indulging with fantasies, but their tendency to violence can turn very real. Never turn them on because once they are turned on, they will start turning their role-play into a reality.

9. Sagittarius – Too Many Partners


They start to have fun with the preliminary rounds of getting in bed, by the time their partner gets into bed, they have already had most of their fun which is the reason why they love to introduce new partners into their sexual life. But the problem is that they easily get possessive of their partners and enjoy watching their partner fight for attention, which for them; brings thrills.

10. Capricorn – Simulated sadism

This zodiac is a complete freak in the bedroom. They need very little to absolutely no foreplay. But once they are there, both their genders have more than average stamina. Capricorns enjoy the dominance due to which they punish their partners by using paddles and gags since pain of their partners turns them on. Along with that, they are very competitive which is why they will do anything to be good in bed.

11. Aquarius – Experimental Eroticism


They are engaged in sexual matters, in both directing what happens and watching. However, they sometimes experiment with food or even temperature in foreplay, but that is just the small-scale thing. On a larger scale, they can go to any extent be it electricity or anything else. Aquarius are always looking for new ways to please themselves and others too. They also take suggestions and try them as well.

12. Pisces – Roleplay Prostitution

They are known to be the givers and love to be needed in the bedroom; which is why they find it difficult to say no to whatever their partner suggests, but it happens to such an extent that they prostitute themselves in the bedroom. Their goal is to give their partner whatever they want, so they indulge in their greatest fetish which also makes their partner entirely dependent on them to fulfill their fantasies.

If you have any of these as your dirty little secret, then don’t be ashamed of commenting down below because behind the doors, we all turn into something different. Next time you ask someone for their Zodiac sign, you may feel a bit closer than usual because our bedroom lives and secret kinks are all linked with our signs.

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