Trigger Warning: A 14-Year-Old School Boy Shot Dead Eight Children In Serbia School, Belgrade

In Serbia, a 14-year-old schoolboy shot dead eight children and a security guard at a school. He even planned a list of students he wanted to kill and police recovered four Molotov cocktails in his bag.

The student’s name is Kosta Kecmanovic. As per the police, he took his father’s gun before shooting his teacher, then other fellow students and security guards at the Vladislav Ribnikar elementary school in the capital Belgrade on Wednesday morning.

Source: Sky News

Of the students who were shot dead, all of them were girls except one boy and all were aged from 11 to 14.

Surprisingly before the school’s assistant principal, the suspect himself called the police and told them that he had shot several students.

Source: San Diego Union-Tribune

Milan Nedeljkovic, mayor of the central Vracar district where the school is located, said the teacher is fighting for her life after being shot.

SchoolBoy Shot Dead Children In Serbia School

Six students are under treatment and one girl is in a life-threatening condition. Veselin Milic, the chief of Belgrade police, has said in a news conference that “Kecmanovic had a list of children he wanted to kill on his desk at home and had been planning the attack for a month.”

Source: The Guardian

The police chief said, “Kecmanovic targeted the classroom where the attack began because it was close to the entrance of the school.”

Mr. Milic further said, “The suspect’s plans looked “like a video game or a horror movie” and were very detailed – showing classrooms he was going to enter and which children he was going to target.”

The suspect was carrying Molotov cocktails also known as petrol bombs in his bag. He has planned to damage the school and create more casualties.

He Was A Quiet Guy, A Student

One of the students who witnessed the whole scenario shared the character of the suspect. She said: “He was a quiet guy, he looked nice, he had good grades, but we didn’t know much about him. He was not so open with everybody. I wasn’t expecting this to happen.”

Source: Sky News

Speaking about what she witnessed as the shooting unfolded, she said: “I was downstairs, we had sports class downstairs, I was able to hear the shooting.

“It was non-stop, it was not like one shot at a time, it was shooting without stopping.

“I didn’t know what was happening, we were receiving some messages on the phone. Some kids from the 7th-grade second class were not replying, so we were in real fear.”

She’s In Shock, A Mother

Astrid Merlini, one of the student’s mothers shared that her child is still in trauma and survived. “My child survived this, you can’t imagine, she saw a man falling, shooting, she was running away, she thought the boy with a gun would run after her.

Source: Sky News

“She is in shock, but she agreed to talk, but she is full of adrenaline.”

Milan Milosevic said his daughter was in the classroom where the shooting began.

He told broadcaster N1: “She managed to escape. [The boy] …first shot the teacher and then he started shooting randomly.”

He added: “I saw the security guard lying under the table. I saw two girls with blood on their shirts. They say he [the shooter] was quiet and a good pupil. He recently joined their class.”

Up till now, the police have also detained the suspect’s father and there’s no statement came out from the boy.


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